Facilities Operations/Placement Spec

Company Name:
GA Dept of Driver Svs
Duties and Responsibilities: This position services the two headquarters buildings located in Conyers, Ga. The responsibilities of this position are as follows:
Plans, schedules and implements maintenance activities, appropriately prioritizes incoming work requests and emergency repairs, schedule maintenance activities in such a way as to minimize disruption of facility operations, prepares preventive maintenance schedule for overall facility and equipment with information supplied by manufacturers' manuals, executes preventive maintenance program on a timely basis, maintains appropriate records and submits reports per established procedures, supervises the maintenance, construction and operation of the heating, ventilation, air conditioning equipment (HVAC) and controls of assigned facilities, coordinates and directs activities of skilled workers and contract vendors engaged in the repair and maintenance of HVAC systems according to established industry standards, monitors building automation systems to ensure established set-points are being maintained at all times, operates all equipment according to established safety and operational guidelines, and responds to emergency calls and alarms in a timely manner. Coordinates construction, renovations, repairs and cleaning performed by contractors at department facilities, demonstrates thorough knowledge of proper construction practices, demonstrates ability to read blueprints correctly, maintains accurate knowledge of federal, state, county and other applicable codes as they pertain to department facilities, conducts regular on -site inspections to check for code and/ or specification compliance and violations, plans in a manner which minimizes disruption of work environment, maintains regular contact with contractors to discuss and resolve problems as they occur, assists in the development of annual budgets by determining the construction, maintenance and /or repair needs of the assigned facilities, demonstrates appropriate knowledge of departmental policy and procedures regarding the budget process, determines work to be performed and resources required in an accurate manner, and supervises the inventory and ordering of materials, tools, equipment and supplies needed to make repairs to the physical facilities and/or needed for genera daily housekeeping maintenance, directs ordering of, or requisitions parts and supplies to maintain appropriate inventory levels and minimize equipment down time, appropriately catalogs and files equipment schematics, maintenance records and operator's instruction handbooks according to established procedures, appropriately categorizes spare parts in storage to facilitate location of required items, and follow all safety and other risk management policies in performing work. Maintains security and fire alarm system as recommended by the manufacturer, tests and repairs security system as recommended by the manufacturer, tests and verifies computer, loops and uninterrupted power supply as recommended by the manufacturer, and tests emergency generator for operation within limits specified by the manufacturer to ensure generator is ready for 24 hour per day operation. Minimum Qualifications: Bachelor's degree in a related field Or Three years of related experience
Preferred Qualifications:
In addition to meeting the minimum qualifications preference will also be given to applicants who, also meet the following, experience and training with HVAC Systems, card access systems, SAO Procurement Software, and 3 years or more supervisory experience managing construction contractors. Applicant Instructions Use the following link to apply for this position: Click the link that reads "Learn more about available positions with DDS". Applicant should then create a profile and then click on the position of interest and submit their resume. Resumes submitted online to The Georgia Department of Driver Service need to have all fields/areas of the on-line resume completed. In addition to the required fields, applicants must also complete any Basic Qualification fields for each job.
Application materials should be filled out carefully and completely. An incomplete application/on-line resume or the required exam with insufficient information may result in an applicant not being considered for a vacancy. Describe your employment background in full.

Resumes will be screened for the training, experience, and/or competencies listed as the Minimum Qualifications for the job. Preference will be given to applicants who, in addition to meeting the minimum qualifications, possess one or more of the Preferred Qualifications.

All resumes will be reviewed and considered, however, all applicants may not be interviewed. No notification will be sent to applicants who are not selected for interviews.

Due to the large volume of applications received by this office, we are unable to provide information on your application status over the telephone.

DDS employees, in the event of an identified emergency, may be required as a term and condition of employment, to assist in meeting the emergency responsibilities of the Department. In addition, in an emergency situation, they may be required to perform responsibilities that are not regularly assigned to them in order to continue the operations of the agency.

NOTE: Information in this announcement is subject to change.


Submit Application Materials to: APPLY ONLINE AT

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